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*** A heartfelt debut- Songlines,  UK***

***Singer swati minaxi's lullaby like vocals swoops like Joni mitchell*** - Songlines, UK

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Urban Folk Music from India

TAPI echoes the contemporary India and its new gods & demons: urban life, money, lost roots, alienation, etc… and the challenges faced by the common man in a modern world.

TAPI's music is woven like a fabric, organically grown on Yogi’s poetries. Through Swati's powerful and sensuous voice, the lyrics are coming alive, swallowing us in an ocean of emotions, singing stories about rivers, cramped up life, lost values, and  in essence, the universal search for the self .

The group’s sound is a mix of funk and folk on a hypnotic contemporary tribal groove. Following is the Official Video of the song Paigam (The Message) which is the highlight of the eponymous album The Tapi Project launched in 2016.


The song is about meaning what we are saying, and how despite modern modes of communication (or maybe because of them), we are more and more estranged from each other…

Varsad (Rain song) from the upcoming album 

performed &  recorded  live at Mathrubhumi Studio,

for the popular television programme Music Mojo Season 5 of Kappa TV, India (1).gif

Live Performances

The Tapi Project - Mehsoos (official music video) Single shot indie music video

The Tapi Project - Mehsoos (official music video) Single shot indie music video

A single shot indie music video envisioned and shot by Aditya Varma. It features the band in their bohemian studio, which is vocalist Swati Minaxi's space, carrying her gypsy vibes and aesthetics and also the souvenirs the band gathered from their extensive travels. Mehsoos is a beautiful ode to the simple, the mundane, the uncomplicated and sometimes undecorated things in life. A reminder that while the world turns and does a spin on us, we still find meaning, love and beauty around us. Mehsoos was created from a place of introspection, and in recognition of our own need to slow down. We are now thrilled to share it with the world in the hope that we will all take a pause every now and then, to cherish the innocent, the simple and the ordinary. Lyrics: Mehsoos aaj kya kiya? महसूस, आज, क्या किया? (In the great movement of life, what did you experience today?) Bandh aankho se makhmali hawao ko chhua? बंद आँखों से, मखमली हवा को छूआ?! (Closed eyes, silk of the air Touching the skin Did you Feel?) Khuli aankho se rui ke baadal dekha! खुली आंखों से, रुई से बदले को, देखा?! (The cotton cloud, Hanging at the corner Of the wide eyes Did you See?) Mehsoos? (To feel To know it under your skin) Yaad hai kaise, pukari thi koel? याद है कैसे, पुकारी थी कोयल, सुना? (The call of the koel bird Somewhere in the silhouette Of the memory Do you Remember?) Subha ki os, lapte ojhal kaha सुबह की ओस, लापता ओझल, कहा? (The magic of mundane, The disappearance of the dew Do you Know?) Moti tu, haar ye duniya, dor ko tune, mehsoos kiya kya? मोती तू हार ये दुनिया डोर को तूने मेहसूस किया क्या? (The pearl you, The necklace world, The thread & The weave Have you Known?) Song Credits: Lyrics: Yogendra Saniyawala Composition: Yogendra Saniywala, Swati Minaxi, Biju Nambiar, Gaurav Kapadia, Manuel Lagullón Olivares Vocals: Swati Minaxi Acoustic and Electric guitar: Yogendra Saniyawala Keyboards: Biju Nambiar Double Bass: Manuel Lagullón Olivares Drums : Gaurav Kapadia Recorded at: Limda No Vaayro, Surat Mixed by: Vijay Benegal at The Audio Guys Institute, Mumbai Mastered by: Gethin John at The Hafod Mastering, UK Dolby Atmos Mixed by: Vijay Benegal at The Audio Guys Institute, Mumbai Mastered by: Jeremy Hagry at Dune Audio Productions LTD, UK Music Video Credits Music video: shot, edited, colour corrected by: Aditya Varma at Normal Films Shot at: Limda no Vaayro Space aesthetics: Swati Minaxi Album Artwork by: Aditya Varma Assisted by: Jimbhai(Vijay A Human) Swati's costume designed by: Anamika Vanparia Tapi Project Logo by: Ketul Patel Advisor: Aishwarya Natarajan, Indianuance Links Instagram: @thetapiproject Youtube: Website: Contact Aishwarya Natarajan, Advisor - Yogendra Saniyawala - #indiemusic #indiemusician #indiemusicians #supportindiemusic #newindiemusic #indiemusicblog #indiemusicscene #kindiemusic #indiemusicartist #indiemusiclabel #indiemusicfest #indiemusicvideo #indiemusica #indiemusicmiamifest #indiemusiclives #torontoindiemusic #indiemusicfestival #indiemusicindonesia #instaindiemusic #indiemusicisthebestmusic #indiemusicnyc #indiemusicblast #indiemusicblogs #indiemusican #indianindiemusic #indiemusiclvr #indiemusicwomen #indiemusicstore #indiemusicindia #indiemusic101 #indiemusicplay #indiemusicnla #indiemusicmag #japaneseindiemusic #supportindiemusicians #indiemusiclover #indiemusiciansunite #indiemusicawareness #indiemusicnight #indiemusicmatters

Don Manuel Lagullón,

Double bass, Electric Bass 

Villena, Spain


Nathaniel stott

Brewer, owner- The shakespere

Herdecke, Germany


Sofia Iorga Miric,


Novi sad, Serbia


Ma Ja


Leipzig, Germany

Amazing musicians and really nice people forming this band! they create such an unique atmosphere performing live. 

Magical music and beautiful voices!

I love their sound! It's complex, hypnotic and powerful. They manage to move you through a range of many different feelings and you end up wanting more! 

An inspiring mix of traditional and contemporary Indian music. Wide and flowing like the Tapi river.

For booking, please contact us directly through Quark Booking : +917874253422

send us an email :

or contact one of our following booking partners:

Europe and Balkans: Akasha Booking: +389 71 220 332

Contact person: Goc Mansievska

Scandinavia : AVH Productions:  (+45) 2721 7500

Contact person: Annette Vinther Hansen

Spain & Portugal: Albert Portavella : +34 687702265

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